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November 2018

Iron is a very popular scrap commodity but what does “Iron” have to do with November’s favorite sport – FOOTBALL!!

From the GridIron to the Goal Posts to the Iron Bowl, here’s some metal-related football facts…

  1.  In 1906, new football rules were drafted to help officials track plays, passes and distance.  These rules stated that horizontal and vertical lines must be drawn on the field measuring 5 yards apart.  The pattern resembled metal gridirons, a metal apparatus used for broiling meat.  The nickname, GridIron, came from this use of the checkerboard pattern drawn on football fields.
  2. Goal Posts are generally made of aluminum, a non-ferrous metal that will not stick to a magnet.
  3. The Iron Bowl, the rivalry game between the State of Alabama’s largest college institutions, was played in Birmingham at Legion Field starting in the late 1960’s.  The nickname was given based on Birmingham’s large presence in the steel industry. 

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